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A Lethal Legacy 


A History of Ireland in 18 Murders 

In 'A Lethal Legacy', Fin Dwyer charts 200 years of Irish history, opening up our past  as never before, by observing the grand societal changes of our times through the  intimate lens of eighteen murders and the lives and communities they altered forever. 

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Dr Marie Cassidy


Author of Beyond the Tape

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Neil Hegarty


Author of The Story of Ireland

Dr Marie Cassidy:

“This book is a reminder of how far Ireland has come. Read it so that we don’t repeat the  mistakes of the past.” 

Neil Hegarty:

“Multi-faceted, nuanced, and supremely sensitive to context, A Lethal Legacy offers the  reader a true people's history” 

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Read each article about Fin's new book 'A Lethal Legacy a History of 18 Murders in Ireland' in the interviews on the newspapers below.

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