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Taking The World by Storm – A History of Podcasting 2/2

In the past decade, podcasting has taken the world by storm. The advent of smartphones and the ground-breaking podcast 'Serial' would see podcasting surge in popularity.

In 2020 alone over a million new shows were launched. But does it have a future? Some are not convinced.

In the second and final part of my series on the history of podcasting I look at how podcasting became so popular and where it’s heading. The show features Blindboy, Jennifer Forde, Sam Bungey, Brian Greene and Sinead the host of Mens Rea.

The final episode of the year will be out next week when we will look at the story of the Irish In the American West.

Contributors to the episode

Brian Greene

Blindboy Podcast

Mens Rea

West Cork


I mentioned This is the satire podcast from the Onion I mentioned

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