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Easily Access
The Irish History Podcast
on Patreon

  • To easily access The Irish History Podcast on Patreon, you will need an RSS link.  It's pretty simple!

  • An RSS feed reader is a url that contains all the important information about your favourite shows.

  • Once you have subscribed to the show, the provider will automatically upload new content and provide you with all the information about your favourite show for example, shows title, description and links to the audio files for the episodes plus more!

  • Please follow the step by step guide below to get your RSS link.


Screen Shot 2023-04-20 at 10.19.36.png
IMG-6221 (2).PNG

- Once you have downloaded the app, please proceed into the app itself.

- You will see a screen like the image provided on the right.

- Please click the way you would like to log in or if you do not have an account, please choose the 'New to Patreon? Sign Up' option.

In this step by step guide, I have continued using my email.

- Go to the App Store and type in Patreon.

- There you should see the symbol portrayed in the image to the left.

- Go ahead and download this app.

This applies to Apple iPhone users. Please use the android equivalent where possible

IMG-6223 (1).PNG
IMG-6229 (1).PNG

- You are now in the app and can continue by searching for the podcast you wish.

- In the image to your left, I have located The Irish History Podcast.

- You will see the home page of The Irish History Podcast here.

- Have a look around this page and get used to home page, podcast page etc

- You can now see Posts, Community and Membership option in the image to your right.

- There is an option here to 'Get audio RSS link'.

- Please proceed and click on this.

IMG-6230 (1).PNG
IMG-6231 (1).PNG

- Once you have proceeded to the RSS link, you should see the options which are shown in the image to the left.

- Choose an option that best suits you

- These are podcast apps where the RSS link will bring you to in the future.

- In the above option, I chose Apple Podcasts.

- Click follow as this is your RSS link.


- It has now brought you to Apple Podcasts or if you chose another podcast app from the list, you should now be there.

- You are now following the RSS link which will provide you with everything that the provider of your favourite podcast that you first searched has uploaded.

- You can follow these steps with the RSS link of many other podcasts.

Screen Shot 2023-04-20 at 10.19.36.png

Get access to bonus episode's, get access to upcoming series, get a back catalogue of hours of exclusive content and much much more!

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