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Exclusive Podcast: The Troubles - What Started the Conflict? I/VI In the late 1960s, Northern Ireland was plunged into major violence. The  conflict known as the Troubles would claim thousands of lives and continues to dominate life on the island of Ireland. 

In my  new exclusive supporters series, I am joined by Dr. Brian Hanley to  explore the origins of the Troubles. This series delves into the key events from the violence of the 1920s through to the Battle of the Bogside and Bloody Sunday. 

In part one, Brian and I explore the  foundations of Northern Ireland in the 1920s and how this deeply unequal society marginalised the large nationalist minority. 

This series is  exclusively available for supporters of the show as a mark of my  gratitude for your support. It will be released fortnightly over the  next three months. My guest, Dr. Brian Hanley, is an assistant professor in the history department of Trinity College Dublin. An expert in Irish  republicanism, Brian has published two seminal books on the conflict:  "The Lost Revolution" and "Boiling Volcano."

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