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The First Modern Royal Visit to Ireland

In 1821 George IV was the first British monarch to visit Ireland in modern times. It was a historic occasion for multiple reasons. Not only was he the first king to set foot on Irish soil since the 17th century but he was the first to do so without an army.

Many held out hope the king's arrival might usher in a new era in Irish history.

However George himself had other ideas. Beginning as he meant to continue, George was dead drunk on arrival. The following weeks were defined by pomp, ceremony and scandal - everything we have come to expect from a modern royal visit.

This show is based on research for my upcoming book that never made the final cut.

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The article referenced in the show by Karina Holton is entitled ‘All our joys will be complated’: The visit of George IV to Ireland, 1821. Its available in Irish Historical Studies, 44(166), 248-269.

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