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Fin Dwyer

My Name is Fin Dwyer, I am 41 year old historian, author and podcaster. I studied archaeology and Greek and Roman Civilisation in University College Dublin and completed a masters in archaeology in 2004.

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My Story

After working in archaeology for several years in the Dublin region a combination of recession and ill-health ended my aspirations to become Indiana Jones. In 2010 I created the Irish history podcast. For the first few years the show focused on medieval history.

During this period I published two books ‘Witches, Spies and Stockholm Syndrome, Life in Medieval Ireland’ (2013) & 1348 – A Medieval Apocalypse, War Famine & Plague in 14th century Ireland‘ (2016).

In late 2016 the podcast series shifted focus to the Great Famine – this has been funded by listeners to the show.I have also worked on several projects.


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