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The Mystery of Henry Wilson’s Assassination

On June 22nd 1922, the British Field Marshall, Henry Wilson was shot dead in London. The assassination sparked a major political crisis in Ireland. The British government blamed the killing on a faction of the IRA opposed to the recent Anglo-Irish Treaty. When they demanded action be taken against them, Michael Collins oversaw an attack on an IRA unit occupying the Four Courts in Dublin. This sparked the Irish Civil War.

Over the last century the incident has been shrouded in controversy.  Many at the time and since have accused Michael Collins himself of ordering the attack on Wilson. In this episode I am joined by John Dorney to discuss the assassination of Henry Wilson, the fallout and who was responsible.  

My exclusive supporters' series on the Irish Civil War with Dr Brian Hanley of Trinity College Dublin continued this week on Acast+ and Patreon. Ep #1 explains backdrop to the war, while Ep #2 profiles Michael Collins, his involvement in the war and his death in August 1922.

My guest on this week’s show is John Dorney. John’s website is one of the leading online resources on Irish History. He also the co host of the Irish History Show

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