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Three Days in July Part I: A Forgotten Victim of The Troubles

In the summer of 1970, Belfast stood on the precipice of war. By June, months of rising tensions burst into violence, setting the stage for one of the most controversial British military operations of the Troubles – the Falls Curfew. This three-day siege of a large nationalist working-class community marked a point of no return for many.

During the Curfew, four people were murdered.

Among the victims was Zbigniew Uglik, a young Londoner. His death has been shrouded in rumour for decades. In this first episode of "Three Days in July," I set out to uncover the truth about Zbigniew, a forgotten victim of the Troubles, and reveal how the British Army twisted his death to defend the indefensible.

Zbigniew’s story is a fascinating one that started in Eastern Poland in the early days of World War II. An innocent man, his tragic death at the hands of the British Army highlights the human cost of the Troubles.

Through careful research and respectful storytelling, the series will shed light on his life and the circumstances surrounding his death. We’ll also delve into the dark world of Black Propaganda, a sinister tool used during the conflict to mislead and deceive. This episode sets the stage for understanding how lies and misinformation played a role in the tragic events of those days.


Written and Researched by Fin Dwyer

Based on Original Research by the Belfast writer and Journalist Pádraig Ó Meiscil. His substack is available here. You can reach him by email at

A special word of thanks to Marta Riehle-Stern for sharing her family's history.

Interviewees: Marta Riehle-Stern, Pádraig Ó Meiscill & Dr Brian Hanley

Additional Narrations by Aidan Crowe and Therese Murray

Sound by Kate Dunlea

Additional Thanks: Sebastian Zimnoch and Stephanie Ní Thiarnaigh

“From the creator of the Irish History Podcast comes the story of Modern Ireland and its people written in death” 

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