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Three Days in July Part III - The Hidden War, British Psy-Ops & The Troubles

In the early 1970s, the British Army engaged in psychological operations (psy-ops) and black propaganda to cover up their actions during the Falls Curfew. This episode reveals the shadowy tactics used to manipulate public perception and obscure the truth. In this third and final part of Three Days in July, I uncover how the security forces manipulated Zbigniew Uglik's memory and histroy. They also intimated and harassed his family into silence when they demanded the truth. The episode also uncovers those involved and their motives behind these deceptive practices.

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Written and Researched by Fin Dwyer

Based on Original Research by the Belfast writer and journalist Pádraig Ó Meiscil. His substack is available here. You can reach him by email at

A Special Word of Thanks to Marta Riehle Stern for sharing her family's history.

Interviewees: Marta Riehle Stern & Pádraig Ó Meiscil

Additional Narrations by Aidan Crowe and Therese Murray

Sound by Kate Dunlea

Additional Thanks: Sebastian Zimnoch and Stephanie Ní Thiarnaigh

“From the creator of the Irish History Podcast comes the story of Modern Ireland and its people written in death” 

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