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The Irish Civil War
Part 3 - A War in the Shadows

Listen to the episode here:

This is part 3 of my exclusive supporters' Civil War series with Dr Brian Hanley from Trinity College Dublin. The last episode brought the story of the war up to August 1922. Brian and myself discussed the pivotal role played by Michael Collins in the early stage of the conflict. This episode continues the story...

By August 1922, many thought the Civil War was about to end in defeat for the IRA. However as you will hear those predictions proved premature. The war, rather than ending, changed. The IRA on the back foot, dropped attempts to fight a conventional war returning to what they knew best - the guerilla tactics that had been so effective in the War of Independence. 

This set the stage for the most controversial period of the conflict marked by extra judicial killings, war crimes and massacres. 

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