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Are You in a Cult? A History of Podcasting Part I

‘You might not be a revolutionary, but you are living through a revolution.’


Podcasting is much older than you might imagine. A decade before the true crime show Serial took the world by storm, creators were making some of the earliest shows.


This podcast is a nostalgic trip through the early days of the internet in Ireland when podcasting emerged. Brian Greene who was making shows in the mid 2000s shares his memories of the early days of podcasting. I also interview some of your favourite hosts including Blindboy and Sinead, the host of Mens Rea.


The show also includes an ancient artefact of podcasting – an episode from the mid 2000s.


Special thanks to Brian Greene for his interview and sharing his research, Blindboy and Sinead the host of Men’s Rea.


Thanks to Jennifer Forde & Sam Bungey the team behind West Cork, DJ Walsh & Eoin Tabb the hosts of Snugcast. While they feature in the next episode their interviews and insights were extremely useful in shaping this series.


Brian Greene

Blindboy Podcast

Mens Rea

West Cork Snugcast


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